Pumpkin seed oil dressing

Pumpkin seed oil dressing

Made by Geeketine's Kitchen

Asparagus, rosemary, chickpeas (cooked), mint, almonds, chivalrous salt, grated bean curd, lemon slice, strawberry, toasted sesame (feta cheese as desired) 

200g fresh strawberry, salt , pepper, lots of half a lemon, 2 teaspoons sunflower seed butter - Organica 
Vita, olive oil spoon, a little apple vinegar, a bit of balmy vinegar, 2 teaspoons poppy, a teaspoon of honey 

Asparagus briefly blanched in poured water, well drenched. Place chickpea in a bowl, add asparagus, chicken, slightly chopped, grated toasted toasted almonds and a little lemon slice. Mix, season salt, pepper. 
For dresing all ingredients rinse. Test and add more spices or vinegar, honey as desired. If you want stronger and thicker dresing, add more sunflower seed butter. Season the salads with strawberries and mix. Spread with feta cheese and toasted sesame and with a few almonds. Enjoy it while fresh. 
If desired, salads would work well with ginger flasks, blanched green tomatoes, and even asparagus, you can stir a little before adding in salad. For added protein, it would also fit the tofu on diced or bits of salty cheese.



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