Creamy Pumpkin Soup & Pumpkin butter

Creamy Pumpkin Soup & Pumpkin butter

perfect, creamy, healthy, antioxidant soup enriched with pumpkin butter. A nutritionally perfectly balanced bomb that will relieve us in colder days.

INGREDIENTS: Pumpkin pie (pumpkin chopped and baked in a 200 degree oven) 4-5 large tablespoon, 1 fresh chilli pepper, 4 cloves of homemade garlic, walnuts, sesame seeds, water (can not even be fundamentally necessary), Himalayan salt , large freshly ground pepper, smoked paprika powder, turmeric powder, powdered coriander, chilled, fresh basil, wholemeal oil, a little butter budneve. We also wanted some Asian spices based on curry.


On a minimum olive oil, hold very lightly garlic and chilli, only to release the aroma, add pumpkin pies, add salt and pepper. Pour so that the pumpkin leaves its aroma, to go "wrap up". So do not start cooking it right away. Flush with water and add other dry spices. Do not spice on spices, should be gorgeous and rich in aromas. Cook for just a few minutes, try it and apply it as desired. Add salt, pepper, smoked red pepper. Sprinkle the pumpkin butter spoon to dissolve. For cremation propagate with a rod mixer. Meanwhile, on a dry liqueur toast the nuts and sesame. It will leave a wonderful aroma. Serve with this (if desired) old bread that we cut into cubes, spice and also sprinkle on a pan with a few drops of boiling oil only to pick up spices (salt, pepper, dried oregano, smoked red pepper). Add fresh chilli pepper, fresh basil (even better chopped fresh parsley or coriander), toasted nuts and sesame (if you do not "save on calories"), pour some parmesan cheese on top of the soup. Add a couple of drops of coarse cold pressed oil to the end.

This is just one of the great ways to use a roasted pumpkin, that is, its meat. You can save the rest of the roasted pumpkin when you are frying it in the refrigerator or freeze, and use it for soup, rice, filling for pies or for smooth smoothies.

If you want this soup to "turn" in a variety, do it all just, just do not pass it with a stick mixer, and add red beans and canned salted eggs to the end, then mix and serve the toasted breadcrumbs.

We believe all spices, oils and garlic and chilli as antioxidants will be a great boost to our immunity.


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